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Our Goal is to see that Justice is served to those whom Justice is due...

  We specialize in the enforcement of unsatisfied judicial judgments. We do whatever is necessary to enforce the judgment that you were duly awarded by the court!

We are compensated only when we are successful!

We earn our fees ONLY from the debtor!

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National Judgment Recovery Agency

is a company experienced in the enforcement of judicial judgments. We can process your judgment without an application fee. We take all the risk involved in searching for the debtor's assets.  Did you know that as a judgment holder you have the right to sell or assign your judgment to another person or company? Would you like to finally receive money the court has said you are owed, but the debtor has refused to pay? Was this money you had given up hope of receiving, or money you simply forgot about? If you still have not been able to receive money on your judgment, we can process it on your behalf with a fee contingent on the judgment recovery.

 The fact is - almost 80% of all judgments are never recovered. Your judgment has been awarded by the court, but the court is not responsible for enforcing the judgment. Research has shown that most judgment holders do not have the time, experience, persistence, or money needed to process a judgment on their own. Our firm specializes in locating the assets of debtors and seizing them to satisfy a judgment. Our customers have found that it is much easier, safer, "hassle free", and more successful when our firm does the processing of the judgment recovery, rather than the judgment holder.

 If you have a valid court awarded monetary judgment of $50,000 or more, we can use every method at our disposal to recover the amount of the unpaid judgment. We can track the judgment debtor down even if they have moved to another state. We have High Power Databases that allow us to locate the debtor and any assets they may have. As allowed by law, we can execute any and all methods to recover the judgment. In short, we can enforce the judgment recovery process, for the judgment that was legally and rightfully awarded to you by the courts!

 We do not charge an application fee nor require you to cover any upfront expenses. We process your judgment on a contingency basis. We are now accepting judgments awarded in all 50 states.

If you are interested in receiving money that is legally owed to you, with no work on your part, Contact Us Today.

o get started, complete the short application below. We can review your case and contact you when the review is complete. Please be patient. Our Preliminary Investigations Department typically is running from 4 to 6 weeks for your no-cost-evaluation. There is absolutely no obligation on your part.

Apply NOW and cash in, what you MAY have thought was a worthless document . . . until today.

Isn't it time justice was served?



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